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29 Days to a New YOU.

Change is a process. The truth is, there are no quick fixes. Real, lasting change is made by way of the little things.

Do you want to be more present in your life — and with those you care most about? Do you desire to feel more joy and to live with more clarity, health and intention?

I know exactly how that feels and am here to tell you – it’s totally possible! It begins by connecting with your heart and truest self. It begins by living your life with SOUL, and over the next 29 days I’m going to teach you how to live this way. I promise!

You can awaken this “YOU” – the REAL you – through bite-sized, mindful Soul Work practices. I created 29 Days To A New You to share the kickass framework of daily Soul Work practices and rituals I swear by to live a healthy, thriving, conscious heart-led life connected to my purpose. I know this framework is the guide you are looking for to support you to step into the “YOU” you want to be.

Your step-by-step guide

In as little as 5 minutes and no more than 30 minutes a day, this 29 day framework will give you a structure that will help you release the negative patterns and behaviours that keep you from living with the presence, joy and intention your heart desires. Pretty incredible, right?

These 29 days will help you make YOU the priority you deserve to be.

The step-by-step approach I share will meet you exactly where you are at on your soul journey (whether you are a newbie or veteran to Soul Work) and, most importantly, it will support you in creating shifts and changes that LAST. 

It begins on January 20th with the Full Moon (see below for more on why we start on the full moon)!

Join 29 days — it is time for YOU!

If you sign up today — so you can get started right away — I will give you 3 of the foundational daily Soul Work rituals and practices that I share in 29 Days. 

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What Does The 29 Days Include?

A 29 day framework of specific Soul Work practices, rituals and exercises that are easy to incorporate into your busy life.

These practices will take between 5 and 30 minutes a day and include a combo of:

These 29 days are about making a commitment to YOU. 

The change you’ve been looking for starts with these 29 Days!

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If you sign up today — so you can get started right away — I will give you 3 of the foundational daily Soul Work rituals and practices that I share in 29 Days. 

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I want to know when 29 Days relaunches!

Why did I create 29 Days To A New You?

In late 2011, I noticed a significant decline in my health that caught me totally off guard. Up until that point in my life, I was a very healthy, vibrant and energetic person – I was totally thriving! Or so I thought. But what I couldn’t see beneath the surface was that my ‘well’ was running on empty.

I had just had my second child, and since becoming a mother I had yet to learn how to create the time and space to fill my ‘well’ – and this created a major drain on my body. Sound familiar? Prior to motherhood, ‘filling my well’ meant the daily two to three hours I’d spend walking my dog, on my yoga mat, reading a book/magazine or snuggling in for an afternoon nap. With two babies to care for and a growing business, I no longer had time for these fueling practices and rituals, so I was left giving and living on empty.

I could feel myself starting to shut down, but I didn’t know how to break the cycle and simply trudged on! I’d try and get to a yoga class here and there, but a single one-and-a-half hour class every week or two (or even once per month) was not cutting it. Although I was napping out of necessity, my exhaustion seemed to continue.

By the spring of 2013, the minor health issues that began a few years earlier got scary. All of a sudden, I found myself with a serious auto-immune disease and the need for a big change slapped me right in the face. But I still had ‘no time’ for me…

The busy-ness of life was all consuming and I didn’t feel there was space to make a radical change. So I decided to develop a “bite-sized” approach to healing myself. Over the next 6 to 12 months, step by step, I integrated and adopted bite-sized morsels of all the Soul Work teachings, wisdom and insights I had gained over my lifetime and that I regularly preached to my clients — into my own life. Day by day, week by week and month by month, these small practices led to big changes.

By consistently staying committed to specific Soul Work practices and adopting some powerful new ones, I got my health back! I now live each and every day with a new consciousness and place a new value in putting myself first. I make creating time for me a priority, even if it’s only 5 to 10 minutes a day. The fact is, being consistent with these bite-sized Soul Work practices and rituals are what keeps me healthy, happy and feeling my most vibrant self. Now I am able to do the work and care for the people I adore so much with even more vigor and presence.

Now I want to share this powerful framework with you so that you can experience the same shifts in your well being that I did. 29 Days To A New You is fueled and inspired by the lessons, wisdom, and insights I’ve received over more than two decades as a yogi, healer, Soul Work Coach, wife, friend and mother. These 29 days share what I live every single day – and how I created and continue to create change that lasts.

As you read this, I am certain you notice parallels in your own life. We all have our own story, and yours will look different than mine, but here’s what I know to be true: we all need to create a shift to make ourselves a priority and to be the truest version of who we are. These 29 days are made up of easy to incorporate practices, tools and tips that will help you thrive and shine your brightest – and they are designed to fit into a busy life.

As a mom to three kids, a dog, and with a rapidly growing business, I know how full life is AND I know the daily practice of these small things keeps me at my best. I want this for you, too!

Join me!

Make the small steps needed to create the big changes.

Bring a friend and/or loved one along, we all deserve to shine and live as the brightest version of ourselves.

Say YES to living a life with soul. Do it for you – YOU deserve this!

If you sign up today — so you can get started right away — I will give you 3 of the foundational daily Soul Work rituals and practices that I share in 29 Days. 

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I want to know when 29 Days relaunches!


“The 29 Day Challenge was the first step towards massive transformation in my life.The bite-sized mindfulness tips, meditation, yoga and journaling exercises were powerful catalysts in bringing more reflection, wellness and happiness into my daily routines. The massively supportive community that I became a part of and the additional access to Catherine and her plethora of wellness gems were the ultimate icing on the cake.”


“The 29 day challenge helped me to listen to my heart. With Catherine’s daily rituals, journalling and yoga practices, I was able to let go of the tension of everyday struggles and clear the space to be open to what I truly want and believe possible. The 29 day challenge was like going to a delicious spa everyday! It helped clear my mind and my heart and created a habit to touch base with myself and see if I’m in my integrity. Catherine is the real deal – full of compassion and practical rituals to help us delve into mystery.”


“The best thing about doing the 29 Day Challenge in January is that it helps you literally press the ‘reset’ button. The bite-sized practices are practical and easier to incorporate into daily life because you can do it at your own pace and not take on more than you can chew. I loved the “drink more water” and “take conscious breaths” practices – in fact, a year later, I still continue with them and they’ve become habits now. The small practices really can help form a new daily ritual that you don’t even notice becomes part of your life.”


Why Is 29 Days To A New You Connected With The Moon Cycle?

The moon is incredibly powerful, supportive and potent force. Its energy and wisdom has significantly supported me on my journey to creating the life my heart desires most.

The full moon brings with it the magic of illumination and proves to be a potent time to release and let go of what’s no longer serving us. This is a powerful time to connect with and awaken our full potential and see things in a new light.

The new moon offers us a powerful time to plant new seeds and create new beginnings. The energy of creation runs high at this time of the month. Your intuition and deepest heart’s desires are heightened with the new moon’s energy.

Given that the moon’s potent energy has been such a significant support over the past (almost) two decades, lining up 29 Days To A New You with the moon cycle felt very fitting.

I know the moon’s energy will support you to release and heal what’s needed as much as it will help you to manifest your heart’s intentions.

If you sign up today — so you can get started right away — I will give you 3 of the foundational daily Soul Work rituals and practices that I share in 29 Days. 

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I want to know when 29 Days relaunches!