A Journey Through The Chakras


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Join me on an insightful, inspiring, and supportive journey.


We are humans, born in a physical vessel. Your vessel is here as both a vehicle and a barometer to take you through this experience called life.

Being aware of, grounded in, and present with your physical vessel as you grow, evolve, heal and expand spiritually is a key ingredient to experience peace and harmony, and deepen your ability to cultivate and embody love and joy.

Understanding and being able to live in curiosity of the cues, symptoms and experiences of your physical and emotional body will deeply support your spiritual, healing and soul journey.

We’re living in a new evolutionary time. With all that’s coming our way, and all the new you’re going to continue to have to navigate, integrate, grow into and process, being able to root into and have a system of understanding yourself will support you in being more embodied, feeling more harmony, and experiencing more ease and presence.

This is exactly why I feel so called to share A Journey Through The Chakras with you at this time. 

Being able to root into the brilliant wisdom and insights of the chakra system will feel empowering and be just the medicine your body, heart and soul desire for the spiritual growth, healing and evolution this time is calling for.

Why the chakras? And why now?

The nudge to share the wisdom of the Chakras – especially in connection to and reflection of what’s most present today – has been poking at me for several months now. On the morning of the August New Moon that nudge became a full body yes!

This is a vintage calling, of sorts, as this brilliant ancient system is something I’ve spoken about to many audiences, hosted several retreats on, and taught courses about. In an earlier chapter of my life, it was favourite subject to teach and share.

Given the energetics of this time, having the understanding of this brilliant energy system in a practical, relatable and empowering way, feels important for the growth, healing, and evolution that’s knocking at our door.

If receiving more insight into, and a deeper understanding of, what your physical and emotional symptoms and cues are saying, and feeling more empowered, awake and aware in your spiritual journey calls to your beautiful heart at this time, then come join me.

What’s included?


During this 7 week journey, we’ll meet weekly for 1 hour to discuss all the fun and insightful details about each chakra and, most importantly, I’ll share how understanding them can support you with whatever healing is being called forth for your spiritual and soul growth.

Through this journey you will learn:

Our first weekly session will begin on Thursday, September 22 at 12pm EST with the root chakra. We will meet each consecutive Thursday at 12pm EST for a total of 7 weeks and work our way up to the crown chakra by week 7. Each session will be recorded so you can watch later and again (taking things in again always gifts us more insight and deeper awarenesses).

Each session includes:

The entire 7 week journey and all the rich content and insights is being offered for just $192 USD.

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Join A Journey Through The Chakras!

Tuning inwards and feeling embodied in your physical vessel is the medicine that will support you most at this time – A Journey Through The Chakras is the perfect gift to give you the ability to do just that.

It begins on Thursday, September 22 at 12pm EST all for $192 USD.

Registration Closed!