Guided Meditations

with Binaural Beats


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The calm and pause your soul has been craving.

These guided meditations will give you the space you’ve been craving to tune in and connect with yourself.

You will love the binaural beats that accompany these soothing, grounding and healing meditations – they deepen the magic and benefit tenfold.

What are binaural beats? They sound like peaceful, relaxing music but house WAY more benefit. They’re tones shared at two different frequencies that (even on their own) have been proven to cultivate a state of meditation and significantly reduce anxiety and stress, while improving mental clarity and positivity. The sound of these healing tones alongside my powerful meditations create a dynamite duo that will give you all your looking for from meditation — and so much more!

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These guided meditations will leave you:

Glows and Gratitudes

I am a busy mom of three young kids and a small business owner. Life gets pretty overwhelming sometimes! When I’m feeling like I need to connect in and ground myself, I always turn to Catherine’s guided meditations. There are so many to choose from so I can select what is right for me depending on my needs on any particular day. Catherine’s voice is so soothing and the binaural beats make the experience extra relaxing. I would recommend Catherine’s guided meditations to anybody who is interested in meditation but might not have the time or the confidence to start silent meditation on your own.

~ Meredith

A special thank you to the musical genius, Patrick Cooke, for the magical binaural beats that accompany each of the meditations. For more on Patrick, click here.