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Journey To The Heart

November 6th – 13th, Nosara, Costa Rica


Given this retreat sold out in about a week, we are working on one for February. If you’d like to be on the waitlist for November or be the first to hear about February, please send me an email here.

The most significant positive changes in my life have all happened by way of experiences. Something incredible and powerful happens when you step out of your routine and immerse yourself in inspiring and soul nourishing experiences. Your perspective shifts, healing happens and you feel more connected to yourself and your purpose. It is then that you’re able to live as a brighter, truer version of yourself.

Step out of your routine and join Catie Fenn and me at the incredible Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort for 7 divine days in one of the most healing places on earth – Nosara, Costa Rica.

Your heart is the home of your soul, your center point, the place where your truth lives, and where healing begins and ends. This retreat is thoughtfully designed to invite you to re-connect with the truth in your heart so you can heal what needs healing, gain clarity on what you desire most, and step into receiving the life you deserve.

The grounding and healing energy of the jungle, alongside the rejuvenating clarity of the beach, make for the perfect backdrop. Nosara is unlike any place else on Earth. The energy of Pura Vida (a simple, pure and peaceful life) is felt from the moment you arrive. The peace and simplicity of this incredible place is the perfect setting for you to arrive back home to yourself.

Together, Catie and I create a safe space for you to land and tune inward. We are transformational life and soul work coaches, soul sisters, meditation and yoga teachers. We create powerful and magical experiences that will fill you up from the inside out, light you up and remind you that anything you want for yourself is possible.

Join us for these seven heart-opening and life shifting days. Your soul will thank you!


What’s Included?

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November 6-13 is sold out

If you’d like to be on the waitlist and/or be the first to hear about a February retreat – we’re trying to make happen – click link below.