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Soul Work Coaching

To understand Soul Work Coaching, let me begin by first telling you what SOUL WORK is.

Soul work is a personal development path that connects you more fully with your truest self. It is made up of mindful practices, rituals and perspectives that allow you to tune in to the wisdom of your heart – the home of your soul. Soul Work will connect you with your purpose, and invite you to live each day with intention and self-love.

Soul Work helps you embrace life’s magic and live a joyful, conscious life led by your heart.


29 Days To A New You

Change is a process. The truth is there are no quick fixes. Real, lasting change is made by way of the little things.

Do you desire to feel present and grounded, awake and alive, fulfilled and joyful, and like you are living your life with PURPOSE? It’s totally possible! It’s all about connecting with your truest self – I like to call it living your life with SOUL.

You can awaken this “YOU” – the REAL you – through consistent, bite-sized, mindful practices, all part of what I call Soul Work. I created 29 Days To A New You to share with you the supportive framework and the tools I swear by so that you can step into the “YOU” your heart knows you are meant to be.


Self Development 101

There’s an incredible self-development tool that will help you understand yourself and the hows and whys that make you YOU. It’s been my secret life tool for over 2 decades. This transformative tool helps me remain connected to myself, present in the moment, and responsive to the people I love most. By engaging with and awakening this tool, I can restore my equilibrium when life pushes things out of whack. It helps keep my mind, body, and soul aligned and me feeling calm, present and connected with the wisdom in my heart.

I created Self-Development 101: How to Connect Your Mind, Body, and Soul to offer you this tool. The tool that holds the power to unlock your ability to change how you receive life’s moments, shift how you interact with those you cherish most and help you understand the hows and whys that make you you. Over 8 modules, 21 days, and in as little as 5 minutes and no more than 20 minutes a day, this self study e-course will teach you how to see things differently and deepen your understanding of yourself.


Free Offerings

It’s fun to learn more about yourself and dive deeper into Soul Work! These soulful offerings are a gift, made with much love, from me to you! xo