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Journey To The Heart

Something incredible and powerful happens when you step out of your routine and immerse yourself in inspiring and soul nourishing experiences. Your perspective shifts, healing happens and you feel more connected to yourself and your purpose.

Step out of your routine and join me in the magical Nosara, Costa Rica for 7 incredible days designed to invite you to re-connect with the truth in your heart.

Join this week of powerful and magical experiences. It will fill you up from the inside out, light you up and remind you that anything you want for yourself is possible.

Yes, Please!

Couples Retreat

Join my husband, Brad, and I for THE MOST incredible week long date you’ve ever had!

Say good-bye to do lists and transactional conversations, and hello to adventure, laughter and time to unwind and relax.

This retreat will give you time and space for heart-led connection, fun times, meaningful conversations and, most importantly, quality time with the love of your life.

Yes, Please!

1-Day Urban Retreat

A magical, soulful day that will leave you feeling like you spent a whole weekend away!

This 1-Day Retreat is based on the heart-led and nourishing Flow Restore Create. This special day is designed for YOU to melt into a supportive and healing space to relax and tune in more deeply with your heart and soul. You will feel cared for from the moment you walk into the space.

This day will fill you up, ignite a deeper connection with the truth in your heart, and invite you to more consciously create a life you can shine in!

Yes, Please!