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The Foundation

When you live in alignment with the truth of who you are – and feel beautiful and in love with all she is – you’re able to embrace life’s magic and meaning in a whole new way. And it’s this alignment with your truth that allows your intuition and inner heart wisdom to be heard and trusted.

The Foundation is all about providing a space for you to land in your truth and connect with your heart.

The Foundation will create a supportive container for you to peel away the layers of what keeps you from living your truth. It will awaken an ability to lead life from the inside out and release the need to look to external influences to make decisions and navigate life.

The Foundation will allow you to strengthen your own foundation so your heart wisdom and intuition can be the authority that guide you.

The Foundation is for those ready for real, lasting change. For those that desire to deepen their relationship with their intuition and for those ready to feel more confident living life aligned with their inner truth. It’s for those who desire to feel more free being who they truly are – as opposed to allowing external influences govern what and how you live.

There’s never been a more important time to be who YOU are, to feel rooted in what’s most important to you, and to feel safe knowing what you can trust.

The Foundation will take you on a journey that will support you to fully embody your truth, trust more deeply in your heart, and feel more alive being who you were born to be. It will give you all of this, along with my support and a beautiful community of like-minded souls to share, grow, heal and transform with. The Foundation will share a safe place to do the soul work this time is calling for and help you navigate life through the storm.

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Your step-by-step guide

When you want to create change and root into more of who you truly are, you must become aware of the patterns standing in your way, clear and heal the parts that need healing, and go beyond the mind. This happens by way of tuning inward to your heart, releasing the things that aren’t yours, seeing with new perspective, and consciously engaging in the behaviours that support the neural pathways that align most with the truth in your heart.

The Foundation will give you a safe space to do this work and give you a framework that’s easy to individualize and incorporate.

The Foundation will support and guide you through a 4 month Soul Journey. The first part will be 90 days (3 months) long — 90 days being the time needed to release old patterns and create change. It’s filled with supportive coaching, guidance, rituals, practices and perspective shifts. The final month, will maintain the safe container we’ve co-created and give you the space to fly your new wings – knowing you have the safety of a place to land and feel supported, heard and understood.

Change is a process. Real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, there are no quick fixes, and it doesn’t happen by simply making the decision to do it. Change happens when you’re ready and the two main ingredients that allow that change to last are: surrounding yourself with the right support and consciously and consistently engaging in the soulful practices that allow you to stay connected and aligned with yourself. The Foundation will give you that and so much more!

In The Foundation, I’ll share with you the life practices, soulful rituals, and perspectives I swear by and that continue to support me in living a heart-led life embodying my truth. The Foundation shares all the wisdom I’ve collected over 20+ years as a Soul Guide, Coach, and Mentor, and will gift you everything I share to support people to create change, healing and soul connection. What I share in The Foundation is what I turn to again and again when I need to come back to the truth in my heart.

If you’re ready to feel more alive, live in alignment with your truth, and trust more deeply in your intuition, this 4 month journey was made for you. 

We begin Tuesday, September 15th – and there are only a few spots left!

The Foundation is an investment of $347 USD or 4 monthly payments of $97

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What Does The Foundation Include?

This powerful 4 month journey will meet you where you’re at (whether you are a newbie or veteran to soul work) and support you in getting to where you want to be.

Space is limited in order to maintain intimacy and allow you to feel part of something truly meaningful.

The Foundation will create a container for safety and growth. It’s a space that will allow you to connect and align with your heart and soul. It includes:

*I am known to go a bit over time so please know the above times are approximates

The Foundation is about aligning with the YOU you’re growing into!

All For $347 USD or 4 monthly payments of $97 USD

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I want to know when The Foundation relaunches!