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Change is a process and a CHOICE. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens bit by bit as you make choices that empower old learned behaviours to peel away.

Change and lasting transformation happens when you consistently commit to choosing the practices and rituals that nourish you and keep you connected to the truth of your heart and the light of your soul. With a consistent commitment to choosing yourself, you are able to shine and show up as the bright light you were born to be.

If ‘life’ has gotten in the way of you choosing YOU and staying committed to the rituals and practices that nourish you most, OR if you feel ready to deepen your daily rituals, then I’d love to share continued access to the 29 Days To A New You material. 

I am sharing access for $4.99 CAD/month – and you can unsubscribe anytime!

As a subscriber, you will receive:

  • unlimited access to the framework is that shapes my every day and has literally changed my life!
  • FREE access to join any new launch of 29 Days To A New You (with the promise for new material with every January launch)
  • a new 90 day commitment calendar to support you jumping into a deepened commitment to YOU