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The Moon Club


For everyone who wants to learn more about the moon and deepen into the magical support and healing potential it’s here to share with you.

The beautiful bright ball in the night’s sky holds a powerful energy and so much wisdom. It effects the tides of the ocean and influences our feelings and emotions – it’s really quite incredible when you think about it.

Living in connection with the moon cycle creates a powerful opportunity for healing and living with greater clarity and intention. I have felt consciously connected to the moon for almost 2 decades. Once a month as she illuminates into a Full Moon and then a couple weeks later as she darkens into her shadow self, as the New Moon, I receive strong downloads of wisdom in my journaling and meditation sessions.

I share the highlight of these downloads on social media and the full scoop in an email to my community. I created The Moon Club as a way to share the moon’s insights and wisdom even more deeply with you. Each of these gatherings will feel like food for your soul and awaken an energy and perspective that will support and empower you to live with more awareness and conscious intention.

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June’s New Moon Club will be live on…

Sunday, June 21st at 4pm EST.


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