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The Soul Collective

A space of connection, support, and growth.

Having the support and acceptance of a like-minded group of people is one of the most powerful and important things you can have on your soul journey. The self development path is fulfilling and inspiring – but, without the right support and people around you, it can feel lonely and vulnerable.

I experienced these feelings for many years so wanted to create a space so you don’t have to. The Soul Collective is that space. It’s a loving and soulful place for you to feel connected and supported so you can confidently continue to grow into the brightest version of you.

The Soul Collective is a place:

How Does it work?

In each session I will be your guide and Soul Work Coach. I will share coaching and healing support, as well as homework, tips and exercises for each individual (and the group).

What do past participants say about their experience with The Soul Collective?

“A year after taking part in the Soul Collective, I find myself still amazed by the changes that have occurred since that first call. Not just for me but also for the women who started that journey with me. Catherine provided us with a safe space to gently pull the curtain of our hearts open and honestly explore what it was we really wanted from our time here on the planet. Watching the faces of the souls in the group with me change and glow as they took the steps they needed to move towards their greatest potential was truly wonderful and inspired me to step into the best version of myself in a way that I had not believed was possible. The ripple effect of those calls has been phenomenal.”

“The experience of sharing the things my heart was ready to let go of and receive was made totally possible by the magical presence of Catherine as well as the community of women who supported me when I felt so alone and vulnerable. They made me feel connected and heard.  They listened, shared and supported me along my soul journey – the community of soul sisters was incredible! A year after and we still keep in touch and are there for each other”

“Sharing things that mattered to me in a safe and loving circle, and hearing and baring witness to what was present to others in a powerful healing circle – that felt like a warm hug!”

“It was a privilege to be in Catherine’s presence and receive her wisdom and healing energy”


The Soul Collective will allow you to:

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