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Something incredible and powerful happens when you step outside your routine and immerse yourself in inspiring and soul nourishing experiences.

We’re living in an incredibly powerful time, things are shattering and change is birthing. After over 15 years of hosting retreats (in person), I would have never thought I’d be offering them virtually  – but as our world goes through this massive metamorphosis, so birthed the 2-Day Virtual Retreat. And it’s better than I could have imagined!

These 2 days are all about creating a space for you to tune in, heal, move through Flow and Restorative Yoga, melt into guided Meditations, receive the benefits rejuvenating Yoga Nidra, get clarity, inspiration and heart-led perspective shifts from Coaching circles, connect with like-minded souls, and get lots of extra Soul Work support.

If this calls to your heart, then this retreat is for you! We will meet from the comfort of your home on Zoom.

This retreat will allow you to:


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*this schedule may shift slightly as the day plays out

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$175 USD


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