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Trust your heart. Embody your truth. Cultivate Inner Peace.

Welcome! As you settle in, and before you take a look around, I invite you to take a few deep breaths… ahhhhhhh, that’s better, isn’t it?!

You’ve landed here because you’re a curious soul, drawn to life’s meaning and magic. You’re a feeler, you’re likely intuitive and, perhaps, an empath. You may find that external influences and life’s “should’s” and “supposed to’s” take you from your center point and the wisdom of your heart – or perhaps you’re just not quite sure how to fully trust that wisdom.

You’re looking to feel more connected and rooted in who you are. You may, also, have recently been sideswiped by something significant, or had, as I call it – a smackdown – and are looking for the tools and path to heal and connect with the home within yourself.

Whatever it is, you’re ready to fully embody your truth. You’re ready to live with joy and feel the depths of being alive.

I feel you and am here for you!

I am here, as a Soul Guide and Coach to support you on YOUR path back home to your heart, so you can stand strong and confident as the vibrant soul you were born to be.

Ready? Let’s do this!


Mindful Practices for Modern Souls



<p>offerings<br />
for the soul</p>

for the soul

<p>Bite-sized Yoga</p>

Bite-sized Yoga

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Moon<br />


<p>One-on-One<br />
soul work<br />

soul work



Find your Focus

Enrich your life by going deeper – a little deeper, or a lot deeper. The type of Soul Work I share is for EVERY DAY, not just special occasions or times of crisis. It’s about a conscious lifestyle shift that’s powerful and, most of all, effective. It doesn’t have to be hard or take lots of time – it’s about small mindful changes – with big impact. My bite-sized practices, online offerings, retreats, and style of coaching will meet you where you are and allow you to grow to where you want to be!

<h4>THE MOON CLUB</h4>


This bi-monthly gathering is for Moon Lovers who want to learn more about the moon’s wisdom and deepen into the magical support this wisdom can gift your life.

This online gathering will be full of juicy insights and applicable ways to integrate the moon energy. Each session will also include a guided meditation and group card reading. Click below to learn more and book your spot!



Journaling With Soul is not your typical journaling practice. This 5 minute practice will cultivate a deeper connection to yourself and ignite an ability to live a heart-led life.

It’s about simply committing to a daily practice of responding to 5 powerful statements. This practice will leave you feeling calm, clear, inspired, and ready to embrace life more fully.

LEARN MORE, It’s Free!


Meditation made easy! These guided meditations are the gift of calm and the pause your soul has been craving.

They will nourish you from the inside out –  and you will looooove the deeply relaxing binaural beats that accompany them!


Meet Catherine

Hello, I’m Catherine – I’ll be your guiding light on this journey! I’m here to share with you healing practices and empowering perspective shifts that will support your soul’s truth. I have a gift of seeing all the goodness, love, and beauty of people’s souls. I often see this truth before others fully feel or see it themselves. It’s this gift that makes what I share as a Soul Guide and Coach the special kind of healing and transformational experience it is.

I’m also a real-deal woman with 3 kids, a husband, and a dog. We’re a Canadian family, who followed the wisdom of our hearts and traded in the snow for the beach and the concrete jungle for the jungle of Costa Rica.

Through my one-to-one and small group coaching and retreat experiences, as well as my soulful online offerings, I share my love and passion to support people in uncovering and BE-ing who they truly are. All so they can shine as they’re meant to and feel amazing to Live a Life with SOUL. Which means guiding you on how to tune in to and trust your heart wisdom, release what’s keeping you from feeling your best, and confidently live each day feeling empowered and alive with all life has in store for you.

The right amount of woo-woo

OK, let’s get real for a second. “A Soul Guide + Coach who creates healing and transformational experiences” sounds a bit new-agey, right?

I get it. I love to wear my goddess gown on the beach, drink green juice and take copious photos of sunsets as much as the next gal, but the reality is – I still pick up my dog’s poop and my kids have freak outs like everyone else’s kids. That’s REAL LIFE. Sometimes the right amount of woo-woo is exactly what you need to get you to shift your perspective. It elevates you and helps you see the magic and meaning in life.

Living your life with SOUL” is how, in the middle of your REAL LIFE, you can connect to your truth. It is a way for you to NOT miss life as it’s happening. It is a way to live with more joy (even in the face of a storm). It is fun, positive, feels good, and light-hearted on one hand, and deeply impactful, powerful, transformative and healing on the other hand.

I’m here to help you create alignment with your real life and your true self. So you can expect to get a bit of woo-woo from me, because it’s FUN and it’s liberating… and come on, who DOESN’T want to talk about how the moon is impacting us, what our energy body is, or hear that the Spirit has got your back??


Working with Catherine has opened up my eyes, heart, soul & mind to magic.  Magic that lives within and all around each of us. Magic is the connection you develop with your heart and soul.  It is the joy and inspiration you find in sisterhood. It is the awakening you have when you realize that it IS possible to be the most amazing version of yourself.  Catherine manages to create spaces to facilitate all of this magic and I am so incredibly grateful for this gift from her!!

Catherine helped me out of that dark abyss that is depression and anxiety.  She continues to help me choose light, even when I might slip back into that darkness.  The tools and lessons learned from whatever Catherine lovingly curates and offers are life changing.

~ Michelle

I first met Catherine in Nosara, Costa Rica. At the time I met her I was in a very bad place. Having struggled with clinical depression since a young age I was at the point where I was just accepting it as part of my life and that everyday would be a battle. I was living in fear of this terrible mental illness. I got to know Catherine a bit more and I have to say I was skeptical as I am not usually into the kind of work she does. Something in me told me I needed to try, what did I have to lose? Well it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Catherine helped me slowly rid of the negative thought cycle that was taking over my life. She helped me change perspective and bad patterns that were ingrained into me. In no means am I ‘cured’, but life has been totally different since I started working with Catherine. I truly believe the work she does is life changing. She is so gentle, kind and understanding but also fiercely honest and intuitive. It has been a life altering experience.


Working with Catherine has been no less than life changing. I have been working with her for over 3 years and the changes in that time have been remarkable. When we began our work together I was dissatisfied with career, had just miscarried my first pregnancy, and was experiencing depression. The tools and guidance caused incredible shifts in a short period of time. Within 6 months my career circumstance had changed for the better and I was pregnant again.

Since delivering my first child, Catherine has worked with me to achieve clarity on my higher purpose in my career as a naturopathic doctor, as well as my goals for my personal life. Most recently her guidance has helped yet another major life change take place. I always say that she changed my life, and it is true! She simply knows exactly what is needed to get the best results for her clients. I have recommended her to many friends, family members, and patients, and will continue to do so.


Working with Catherine over the years has changed my life. When I first began participating in her Toronto ‘circle / flow’ sessions I was craving the ability to break free from things in my life that were no longer serving me; holding me back from living my best life. Experiencing Catherine teachings brought to light core issues and with her guidance I’ve been able to administer the necessary changes to live a more meaningful life.

Catherine has the natural ability to zero in on energy and comfortably works each session around what comes up. I’ve also enjoyed two of Catherine’s Toronto Urban Retreats. Catherine brings together like minded people and creates an amazing atmosphere filled with deep meaning and thoughtful movement. I’ve always felt safe in Catherine’s presence and I know she has my best interest at heart.


For over ten years now, Catherine has been my go-to person when I need total clarity on any issue. Catherine has an uncanny ability to see beyond the facade. She looks into your heart and soul, and gently, with humour and wisdom, beckons out the real you that is sitting there, just waiting to blossom. If you want to step into the amazing, sparkly, courageous individual that you were born to be, then I whole heartedly suggest you allow yourself to be guided by Catherine to be the best version of you possible.

I have taken all of Catherine’s courses and each one has allowed me to not just develop and grow but to flourish. I have involved some of my closest friends in them, and have developed deep connections with people who have taken her online coaching courses with me. Even though some of the relationships are virtual, it doesn’t seem that way because Catherine creates such a welcoming and inclusive community.


I first connected with Catherine 18 years ago,  she is truly a magical presence. I’ve worked with her in so many capacities, as her Reiki student, participating in her yoga practices, soul coaching , retreats and on-line courses.  Her calm intuitive manner transforms any room she is in and brings forth deep positive healing. I’m so grateful that she is in my life and that she has the courage to shine and share her wonderful gifts so generously.


I was referred to Catherine a couple years ago to help me through a tough time in my life. I was initially hesitant, as I had already met with a couple other therapists without much success. Catherine offered a fresh perspective, and I still use the daily self care practices she shared throughout our sessions.  She’s helped me become more resilient and live my life from a place of greater joy, appreciation, trust and confidence in myself.